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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Perhaps the most unsung hero in the perfect cup of coffee is the water with which it is brewed. The beans, the setting, even the mug take the lion’s share of attention, but without water there would be no coffee moment.

Today, people often think there are no miracles. Those mysteries are reserved for ancient people and simpler times. However, how miraculous is it that perhaps the most foundational element to humanity’s existence literally falls out of the sky like manna from heaven.

In California, we were blessed this year with record rainfall filling our reservoirs and providing much needed relief. The abundant rains not only provided for necessities of life, but also produced one of the most prolific wildflower blooms in recent memory.

A few weeks ago while transporting beans to the roastery, Hannah, Johnny, and the junior coffee roasters took a detour through Carrizo Plains in the RV to see the bloom in person and appreciate the beauty. Samantha and another sibling swung through a few weeks later on a return journey. Hannah and Samantha had seen the super bloom a few years prior with a friend from New Zealand, but it was a first for the rest. The sights of rivers flowing at a level not seen in years, lush green plains, and the spectacular colors of the flowers in full bloom were a wonder to behold.

Flowers symbolize the delicate and time bound life we lead. Without water, they, like us, cannot survive. Even when they do, they live short lives, at least by our standards. However, that does not prevent them from showing out and living their lives to the fullest. They provide beauty for all who are lucky enough to pass by while also providing for the next generation.

A YOLO mindset pervades our culture today. The idea is of course rooted in truth, but so many take it to mean strive for every ounce of life’s effort to be self centered. Consumerism is not just about stuff; even experiences of good and beautiful things can be twisted into instances of individual consumption. However, it’s a false dichotomy to presume that we can’t strive to live our lives to the fullest while also providing goodness and beauty to those around us. The flowers can teach us a thing or two.

The mission of Verso l’alto is to bring people together and share good things. Carpe Diem, grab your travel mugs of Verso l’alto, and experience the world with your family and friends.

Hannah , Sam, & Felicity ( Kiwi friend) at Carrizo Plains in 2019

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