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July Journal: Organic Colombia Sierra Nevada

Organic Fairtrade Colombia Sierra Nevada

A single origin coffee that holds a special significance for us.

It serves as a tribute to the 21-day backpacking expedition that Sam and a group of close friends embarked on in the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountain Range during the summer months of July and August 2023.

3 weeks of trail life and covering over 200+ miles of arduous backcountry territory gave them the experience of a lifetime. The trail begins in Yosemite with its terminus on Mt. Whitney - the highest mountain in the lower 48 states standing at 14, 505 feet.

The Organic Fairtrade Colombia Sierra Nevada is sourced from the lush coffee plantations nestled amidst the rugged terrain of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Colombia, this coffee embodies the rich flavors and aromas of the region, providing a sensory experience that mirrors the sights, sounds, and smells experienced during the journey.

Colombia Sierra Nevada

The Cesar department in Northern Colombia, named after the Chimila indigenous word Chet-tzar or Zazare, meaning “calm water,” is defined by the Cesar River flowing through a valley formed by the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serranía del Perijá mountain ranges.


The TAYRONACA Association is a non-profit organization of 350 specialty cocoa and coffee producers, 187 of which are coffee producers contributing to Colombia Sierra Nevada TAYRONACA Fairtrade Organic. Partnering with SENA (National Apprenticeship Service), the group provides theoretical and practical courses on agricultural practices, phytosanitary control and business management. Additionally, they are invested in creating sustainable economic development, which means maximizing resources, increasing productivity and improving quality. These objectives serve to directly impact the lives of members. Additionally, TAYRONACA delivers vegetable seeds for food safety and remedies logistical and social issues in the community, such as building new infrastructure.

Fairtrade Organic

The region's high elevation, courtesy of these mountains, makes it perfect for growing coffee. Additionally, the indigenous communities living here employ traditional, organic farming methods, adding to the area's unique charm and sustainability.

Region: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Growing Altitude: 1,000–1,700

Masl: Arabica

Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Tipica, Castillo 1/2

Harvest Period September–March

Milling Process: Washed, sun dried

Cupping notes: caramel, citrus, floral; medium body. 

Colombia Sierra Nevada TAYRONACA Fairtrade Organic is handpicked to ensure uniformly ripe cherry is processed. That cherry is machine pulped to 1% mucilage, which then undergoes 20 hours of aerobic fermentation. Coffee drying is done by different methods; 50% is sun dried, 20% is raised beds dried and approximately 30% is dried mechanically. Subsequently drying time also varies depending on the method: 4-7 days when dried in the sun, up to 10 days in raised beds and up to 28 hours when dried in machines.

Each sip of this boldly roasted coffee is a reminder of the breathtaking landscapes, the laughter shared around campfires, and the beauty that carried the group through every twist and turn of the challenging trek. Just as the Sierra Nevada journey left an indelible mark on Sam and friends, the Organic Fairtrade Colombia Sierra Nevada blend leaves a lasting impression on every coffee enthusiast who savors its complexity and depth

coffee moment at Rae Lakes, Sierra Nevada Mtns

"Picture yourself standing on the rugged terrain of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the crisp air filling your lungs as you take in the panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and lush valleys. The aroma of the Organic Fairtrade Colombia Sierra Nevada coffee wafts through the air, transporting you back to those unforgettable moments of camaraderie and adventure."

coffee moment at Thousand Island Lake, Sierra Nevada Mtns


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