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October Journal: Organic Mexico

Mexico Unión Ramal Santa Cruz Fairtrade Organic is the work of 488 farmers in Fraylesca, in the Chiapas region of Mexico.


Fraylesca is part of the El Triunfo Ecological Reserve. It lies between the flatlands of the Central Depression of Chiapas and the peaks of the Sierra Madre Mountain chain. The Biosphere Reserve in particular is a diverse evergreen cloud forest home to several threatened species (namely Geoffroy’s spider monkey, margay, jaguar and puma) and is critical for bird migration patterns. Warm, sub-humid climate, heavy rains, and stable temperatures make the area idea for agriculture of all kinds, particularly coffee. Mexico Unión Ramal Santa Cruz Fairtrade Organic is primarily cultivated under forest shade, across 1m414 hectares, at 900–1800 meters above sea level.

Unión Ramal Santa Cruz is an organization of Organic producers founded in 2001. Presently, 36 percent of its members are female, and 11 percent of its total membership is under the age of 30. Unión Ramal Santa Cruz offers members Fairtrade and Organic certification and is a member of Por Más Café, which is now NKG BLOOM.

This program of Exportadora de Café California, our sister company in Mexico, helps producers to run their farms at full potential. It fosters a holistic approach that includes technical, financial and agronomy services, as well as access to seedlings, inputs and markets.

Mexico Unión Ramal Santa Cruz Fairtrade Organic coffee is hand-picked at peak ripeness. The beans are washed by individual producer members in their respective micro wet mills. Finally, the coffee is sun dried on patios.


Region: Fraylesca, Chiapas


488 farmers in Fraylesca


900- 1800 masl


Arabica: Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Caturra, Marsellesa


December - March


Washed, sun dried

photo credit: Zach Fielder - coffee moment in Big Sur, CA

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