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When Roald meets Winston

Authenticity is a virtue we greatly value at Verso L’alto Coffee Roasters. We strive to source the best beans we can and never add or subtract anything during the roasting process: you can always count on your Verso L’alto coffee to

coffee moment

be the real deal with all natural flavors meant to be able to be enjoyed without masking elements like cream and sugar. Of course, we all value a good latte now and again. Long term, our goal is work directly with the growers and to most closely align with that goal of authenticity.

One thing that always goes well with coffee is a good book. There are not many experiences better than pouring out a hot cup and cracking open a book, be it a beautiful hardcover or a tattered paperback. We received one such tattered paperback for Christmas, saved from being thrown away in a forgotten heap at a library sale. The book was Boy: Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl. Johnny started reading it to the junior coffee roasters a few weeks ago, and while some of it is over their heads, the vivid and authentic imagery and bold (and sometimes grotesque) descriptions are memorable and entertaining to all. It is remarkable to see how Dahl’s life experiences informed his unique literary style.

Dahl made the news recently, as the publisher tasked with keeping the books alive for the next generation made changes to words throughout his works. It was sad to see and in an age where fewer material books come into circulation and more move onto kindles, ipads, and the like, the change is likely to go unnoticed by the average reader.

Johnny reading to the kids

Softer blander language and more ambiguous characterizations less likely to offend have replaced the bold, descriptive, and authentic. As George Orwell’s 1984 character Winston remarks, “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted.” The tattered old paperbacks can’t be taken away, but if you, like Winston, throw them away and give up the real and genuine article, you will be at the mercy of those who hold the information.

Our coffee roaster itself is a Willy Wonkaesque device straight out of Dahl’s most famous work, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. With its buttons, lights and noises, the roaster could almost fit right in.

the roasting studio

While it can’t produce everlasting coffee beans or coffee beans which can replace all your meals, it does bring vivid tastes and smells to those who enjoy the fruits of its labor. In honor of Roald Dahl, we’d like to offer a mystery gift along with the next order to 5 lucky respondents who reply to this message letting us know their favorite Roald Dahl book or another beloved classic. We are always looking for recommendations!

When you are enjoying your Verso L’alto coffee, we hope you do it with an accompanying genuine paper book, one that cannot be changed to fit in with the nondescript present. For our part, we’ll always aim to keep your coffee in line with the bold and the authentic.

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