Organic Brazil

Organic Brazil


Flavor Profile: Well balanced, creamy with sweet notes of milk chocolate, marizpan, peanut butter, cocoa and stonefruit. 


Suggested Brewing Methods: Moka pot, espresso, aeropress, French press


Process: Natural


Background: Brazil Organic Santa Cristina is a full natural and dried in the sun coffee from the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil. Selective harvesting is done by hand, to ensure the processing of only red, ripe cherries. When other crops are mechanically harvested, the soil is covered, so that coffee cherries don’t come in contact with microorganisms in the soil. Dry weather during harvest time, the programmed irrigation of crops, staggered harvesting and the differentiated drying of organic coffees in hanging terraces and greenhouses all contribute to special characteristics of the farm’s Organic coffees. An agronomist oversees the development of the coffee trees, and grading and tasting post harvest are also done at the farm. Each block and plot of coffee is separately tagged, identified and provided a report of origin.

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