Mexico, Chiapas SHG Organic

Mexico, Chiapas SHG Organic


Flavor Profile: Cups with notes of dark chocolate, a slight citrus sweetness, nuttiness and hints of spice and graham cracker.
Smooth body with mild acidity and  roasted to a medium to dark roast. 


Suggested Brew Method: French press, aeropress, chemex, drip


Process: Washed


Background: Mexican HG Chiapas

High Grown, HG: Coffee grown at high Altitudes produce a dense more vibrant flavor profile than those grown at lower Altitudes. Higher altitudes provide an Arabica Coffee friendly environment, the climate tends to be cooler with less direct sunshine and plenty of moisture. This causes the coffee fruit to mature slowly allowing more time to develop depth and sweetness, as well as many of the desirable characteristics.

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