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Organic Half - Caff

Organic Half - Caff


Enjoy all of the flavors of our Mexico coffee with only half the caffeine! 


We blend our regular Mexico  beans with our defaffeinated  ones in order to create a great tasting coffee with only 1/2 the caffeine!

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  • Info:

    Category:  Decaffeinated

    Mountain Water Process Decaf Green Coffee

    The Mountain Water Process for decaf green coffee beans is trademarked to the Descamex facility in Mexico. As a popular natural method for decaffeination, the Mountain Water Process uses pure water as an extraction solution, separating the caffeine compounds from the unroasted green coffee.

    Mountain Water decaf process green coffee is entirely chemical-free, which means the decaffeination process can preserve flavor with minor alternation to the coffee's original sensory profile. Read more about how specialty green coffee undergoes decaffeination on our blog.

    This lot of Veracruz green coffee beans were washed processed before undergoing decaffeination at the Descamex facility and are a combination of Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra varietals commonly grown in Mexico.

  • Background:

    This coffee is shade grown under guava, plantain and banana trees in the Huehuetenango region, surrounded by the Cuchumantanes Mountains and the Maxbal Forest Reserve..

    Roast this just into the second crack and really enjoy it. The Huehue Royal Select is another of the fine decafs that we're pleased to offer. True to its origin, it has a very nice fruited brightness, balanced with background chocolate notes and a hint of florals. Brew some up, sit back, relax and enjoy!

    Cupping Notes: Notes of bakers chocolate, creamy and mild lemon. - Roasted at full medium.

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