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Cactus to Clouds

A few weeks ago, Sam and a group of friends made good on a years’ long aspiration: making the arduous trek known as Cactus to Clouds. The journey starts at near sea level elevation outside of Palm Springs CA then climbs just over 10,000ft to the peak of San Jacinto in a short fifteen miles of trail.

The ascent was difficult to say the least and the band of climbers weren’t able to summit due to the unexpected 6ft + snowfields and trail coverage at the top. The views and sense of accomplishment were worth the costs, however. Sam and Co were both drained of energy and filled with joy of having attempted something truly difficult.

In the words of their leader, Brandon McMahon, “climbing snow fields or sketchy, icy cliffside trails, starting at 4 AM, hike duration: 13 hours. Highlights: Watching sunrise over the Coachella valley, sunset sky tram descent, great company and even greater sense of personal accomplishment + bragging rights over at least 99% of US hikers!”

Climbing, like coffee, provides a sense of getting above the fog of mind and weather, a truly euphoric experience.

Part of our mission at Verso l’alto has been exactly what the translation means: to the heights!

Pier Giorgio’s motto was a genuine call to get out and make the climb with friends, and what better way to do it than scaling 9000 feet along a mountain path in 9 miles!

Snow capped San Jacinto Mountain - from the 10 South

That being said, not every day is a Cactus to Clouds day. Some days are just about pushing through the to do list, the emails, the schooling, the cleaning, etc. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t something worth doing or worth celebrating. As you can see from the climb of San Jacinto, perspective is everything, and even not finishing a route as expected you can still appreciate all the joys along the way.

Whether you are planning a weekend of yard work, a road trip, or just a day in the life, be sure to do it with purpose. Start that adventure with a great mug of coffee and enjoy the journey.

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