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John Muir Trail

Sam and 2 friends, Joanna and Sarah Kaiser, set out on the John Muir Trail in July 26, 2023.

It had been a long time dream of Sam and Joanna to walk the John Muir Trail and experience the eastern sierras in a raw way. 3 weeks of trail life and covering over 200+ miles of arduous backcountry territory gave them the experience of a lifetime. The trail begins in Yosemite with its terminus on Mt. Whitney - the highest mountain in the lower 48 states standing at 14, 505'.

The friends completed the trail on August 15, 2023 with Alexis Stypa who joined them at the basecamp of Mt. Whitney.

Shortly after Summiting Mt. Whitney they encountered an alpine storm - a complete whiteout on the top of the mountain, The friends took refuge in the emergency hut with other fellow hikers and eventually were able to get off the mountain! Verso L'alto

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